Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clean Slate!

This feels vastly overdue.

It's been literal, actual months since I posted on this blog. Holy smokes. In the meanwhile, I've been fairly busy, mostly with the writing thing and the life thing.

Big life things that have happened:

  • I asked my boyfriend to marry me, and he was on board with that, which was nice.
  • I finished up my first year of university, and the only weight I gained was from muscle. Like, real, palpable muscle.
  • Made friends in person and not on the internet.

Anyway, all those things, while awesome, have been excessively time consuming.

In the meanwhile, for Taylor-the-writer, things have mostly been rewriting and editing. Endless, constant rewriting and editing to get my autistic wolfboy story up to snuff for querying. Since #PitMad is on the horizon, I plan to attempt that before sending out proper and actual queries. We'll see.

For now, this is a post stating that I'm alive. Also, I'm removing the rest of the posts on this blog for a lot of reasons, the biggest one being that I just don't like them that much anymore. I'll make some new ones. They'll be radical and well-planned, just watch.

Hope all's well with you and whatnot.

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